Advisory service

We assists our clients in clearing the hurdles to establish and operate business in Vietnam, supports clients through every step of the business process and solves business problems. To achieve these results, We focus on the services as below throughout a global network

Monthly retainer consulting service

In order to eliminate barriers to efficient communication and to enable us to further tailor and focus our support and services to the Company, we would propose a fixed fee retainer services arrangement

Under the retainer service, we would provide certain services without the need for further fees or negotiations, and without limitation.

Due to the established and experienced management team at the Company, we would recommend our fixed fee retainer services as being sufficient for the Company.

Foreign investment consulting

We also provide the services in reation to get new investment certicate for new foreign investor, amend investment certificate for current foreign investor

Corporate restructuring

M&A, Capital transfer, Separation, Consolidation, Liquidation of client


Some of MNE (Multi National Enterprise ) have to prepar their financial statement in comply with IFRS. We suppot how to prepare IFRS based Financial statement.It includes , GAAP difference recognition, Adjustment Financial statement set on the basis of VAS, Audit Financial statement set on the bais of IFRS.

Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing covers all aspects of inter-company pricing arrangement for goods, services and intangibles covering both domestic and cross border transactions.

It is increasingly becoming an area of greater focus . The principle aim of local tax authorities is to focus on protecting their domestic tax base from erosion through transfer pricing adjustments being made by the foreign tax authorities on transactions involving multinationals headquarter overseas and from taxpayers shifting profits within the country to tax shelters  or out of the country using transfer prices without commercially supportable reasons and/or not complying with the local transfer pricing regulations.

Transfer pricing has been an area of focus in many tax audits and the tax authorities are expected to increasingly emphasize on this moving forward.In addition, multinational companies are continuously developing strategic footholds to meet the ever-changing market dynamics.

As a result, compliance with the differing requirements of multiple overlapping tax jurisdictions is a complicated and time-consuming task. Our services include:

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