Announcement of the establishment of the new company invested by E-jung and CTAC: EJ CTAC ADVISORY (VIET NAM) CO., LTD.


ransfer pricing is one of the most important issues in international tax. Transfer pricing is closely monitored within a company’s financial reporting and requires strict documentation that is included in financial reporting documents for auditors and regulators.

This documentation is closely scrutinized; if inappropriately documented, it can lead to added expenses for the firm in the form of added taxation or restatement fees.

Therefore, EJ CTAC ADVISORY (VIETNAM) CO., LIMITED (“EJ CTAC”), which is an advisory company and jointly operated with E-JUNG AUDITING CO., LTD, has just been established in Vietnam to work directly with the clients’ team, applying our experience and expertise in transfer pricing to provide, prepare, document and assist in defending your international related party transactions.

CTAC is an international tax advisory group which registered in Singapore. At the moment, CTAC is operating in China (main cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Tianjin), Korea, Vietnam, Singapore and Hongkong. We are providing professional tax consulting service to cross-border organizations as well as business groups in these countries.

As an independent legal entity, CTAC is operating its member companies as well as managing an expert team of each country’s CTAs, CPAs, lawyers and finance professionals. As an experienced advisory team in the field of APA/MAP agreements, we are formed by the best consultants regarding transfer price reports, policies on transfer price as well as dealing with BEPS (local files, master files and CbC reports).

At present, Global network of Korean service team CTAC is found in Korea (CTAC Korea), China (CTAC ADVISORY SHANGHAI CO., LTD.) and Vietnam (EJ CTAC ADVISORY VIETNAM CO., LTD.)

Our target is to make a big difference in the service which we provide to our clients by being practical, proactive and effective.

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