Assurance services are independent professional services that improve the quality of information for decision makers. Individuals who are responsible for making business decision seek assurance services to help improve the reliability and relevance of the information used as the basis for their decisions.

Assurance services are valued because the assurance provider is independent and perceived as being unbiased with respect to the information examined.

There are three categories of assurance services provided by us

  • Financial statement audit
  • Operational audit
  • Compliance audit

Financial statement audit

An audit of financial statement is a form of assurance service in which the auditor issues a written report expressing an opinion about whether the financial statement are in material conformity with generally accepted accounting principles.When presenting information in the form of financial statements, the client makes various assertions about its financial condition and results of operations. External users who rely on those financial statements to make business or other relevant decisions look to the auditor’s report as an indication of the statement’s reliability. They value the auditor’s assurance because of the auditor’s independence from the client and knowledge of financial statement reporting matters.

Operational audit

An operational audit is a review of any part of an organization’s operating procedures and methods for the purpose of evaluating efficiency and effectiveness. At the completion of an operational audit, management normally expects recommendation for improving operations.

In operational audit, We review is not limited to accounting. We can include the evaluation of inventory control procedure, computer operations, sale and purchase procedure, marketing, payroll procedure and any other area in which our professional staff is qualified.

Compliance audit

The purpose of compliance audit provided by us is to determine whether the auditee is following specific procedures, rules, or regulations set by some client’s higher authority.The compliance audit for an entity could include determining whether accounting personnel are following the procedures prescribed by the company controller, reviewing wage rates for compliance with minimum wage laws, or examining contractual agreements with bankers and other lenders to be sure the company is complying with legal requirement, determining whether bank requirements for loan continuation have been met.

Management, as opposed to outside users, is the primary group concerned with the extent of compliance with the extent of compliance with certain prescribed procedures and regulations. Therefore, a significant portion of work of this type is done by auditors employed by the organizational units themselves.

Due Diligence

Due diligence service focus on the valuation of asset and liablities of the target company for the purpose of M&A deal.this service based on agreed upon procedure between client and us.

Construction cost audit

According to the regulation, every company have to appoint qualified auditor for their contruction investment cost to be audited and submit to government authorities on time,we also provide this services.

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