Transfer Pricing Services

CTAC Introduction

CTAC is a multinational tax advisory group registered in Singapore, have offices in China (such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Tianjin), Korea and Vietnam, and provides professional consulting services for MNEs and global group.

EJ CTAC Introduction

EJ CTAC ADVISORY CO., LIMITED (“EJ CTAC”), is company established by cooperated between CTAC Korean team and E-JUNG AUDITING CO., LTD to provide transfer pricing consulting services in Vietnam, have offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi,.

EJ CTAC is a team of experienced consultants who have well experience in APA/MAP, the best team members with excellent achievement in transfer pricing services. EJ CTAC provides services in Tax declaration for Transfer Pricing, Transfer Pricing Risk Assessment, Implementation of BEPS, Transfer pricing reports (Local File, Master File, CbC Report)

Transfer Pricing Services

EJ CTAC provides the following services.

Service Summary
1.         Transfer Pricing Policy Establishment Analyze and set up Transfer Pricing policy in order to stabilize the related transactions in the future.
2.         Transfer Pricing Risk Assessment Analyze risks and effects may occur in transactions between related parties and transfer pricing methods
3.         Transfer pricing reports
ᅳ   Local File The report for determining transfer pricing of related transactions are complied with Local Tax Authority laws
ᅳ   Master File The report provides the overview of all subsidiaries in MNE group (Structure, organization, business operations, intangible assets, financial transactions, business results / tax liabilities)
ᅳ   Country-By-Country report Documents relating to the global allocation of income and the tax paid in which the MNE group operates
4.         Advance Price Agreement APA is an ahead-of-time agreement between a taxpayer and tax authorities on an appropriate transfer pricing methodology for a set of transactions.

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